Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Catch Up

So I know what you're all thinking (yes, you, the dedicated minions of boring blog readers),the nekkid rugby players were too much for my delicate sensibilities and I spent the summer in therapy.In fact, I spent the summer travelling back to Canada (consequently barring my reentry to schengen, but more on that later) where we stayed in a wonderful hotel in Montreal, the Auberge du Vieux Port then we went west for the Edmonton Folk Festival and enjoyed some magical, musical moments with Boz Scaggs, Chuck Brodsky, Loudon Wainwright and Steve Earle.After 4 days of music, beer tent, heat and people, we headed to Clear Lake for some peace and quiet at the hut.
At the end of August and Max and I flew to London while the Big G headed home to Switzerland and Max was allowed to return a week later in time for school. On the other hand, I am still here in the UK, exiled.

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