Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

May everyone have a little peace, joy and magic this holiday season!
Here's my favorite little bit of joy: Three Ships

Monday, December 20, 2010

Press Leak

Best Headline of 2010 (or possibly ever):

'Female squirrels never turn down sex'

Seriously, this is on the CBC News website today!

Also, my apologies for being absent for the last while, this song pretty much sums it up for me:

Thursday, November 04, 2010


Researchers at LOLCats Labs have revealed their latest prosthetic technology:

Despite the ongoing 'no thumbs' problem, the new RoscoeArm© offers warmth, unlimited nomming ability and a fully developed 'ronronné ' motor'.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Beautiful Day In The Neighbourhood

The Big G and I walked over to the next village for lunch yesterday...through the forest

and back to Bioley.

The village is full of little visual delights ...

It was a beautiful day.

U2 - Beautiful Day .mp3

Found at bee mp3 search engine

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Track Back

Because it's almost Halloween and it's Bryan Ferry...
I'll be in my bunk for the next little while.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Please Don't Hate Me Because I'm Lucky

Last week, while we were standing smoking outside a restaurant in Paris (and yes, somehow the anti-smoking league has managed to get even those Gauloise smoking Parisiens to 'step outside') my brother commented on how my good fortune occasionally strikes him as, well, ... irksome. Nevermind the fact:
1) That much of the good fortune in my life has been the result of people I met through him, as well as having him for my brother
2) He was standing WITH me on a street in PARIS !

But he has a point...I have been extremely fortunate for most of my life. This is not to say there weren't times of great economically-driven stress, times when all I wanted was for someone to love/love me who wasn't neurotic and fucked up, when loss and pain and fear broke my heart. But over all, I've been one lucky bitch ... and it's not fair. I'm not a bad person, but I'm not a particularly good one either. There are people in the world who give more of themselves,who do truly good works for simple rewards, people who change this planet for the better and I can only hope they get the joy and happiness from their lives as I do from mine. And I know there are people who seem to have it all; money, love, family, education and they are miserable. So perhaps being fortunate isn't measured only by how much you have or where you have it. Maybe there's an element of perspective to it all.

All of this is a preamble to me posting the photos below. I want to share my pictures, my love of Paris with you, my faithful blogreaders. And if you feel a twinge of envy (justifiable and not really too bad of a sin) please know that there is much in your lives (that you share here on the interwebs) that assures me that you, too, are very fortunate.

We did, indeed, get to stay at the Hotel Caron de Beaumarchais, and it was as charming and wonderful as I had hoped.

We went to Versailles (The Big G had never been) and as it was a Saturday and packed, we spent most of our time wandering around the gardens.

But my favorite thing was just wandering around Paris (although we did see a couple of excellent exhibits Tresor de Medicis and France1500).

Monday, October 18, 2010

Track Back (en voyage)

Bien sùr...there is no place quite like Paris.

Monday, October 11, 2010

This weekend many of my compatriots were partaking in the October ritual of Thanksgiving, feasting on turkey, mashed potatoes, baked yams (mmmmm), brussel sprouts, carrots, cranberries and pumpkin pie (mmmm) and I hope each of you had a surfeit of food, family, and things to be thankful for. Here in La Suisse, they have traditions as well, but it is more of a season than just one day. On Saturday we drove up to Gryon, dumped Roscoe at the flat (because I haven't found any wee hiking booties for his lil paws), tied on our hiking boots and hiked from Solalex

to Anzeinde.

This is what it looks like on a map:

It's about an hour or so of climbing (a little longer for those of us that need to stop and catch our breath and let our heartbeat return to something that doesn't resemble tachycardia) and the view is spectacular. After the walk down (another hour or so) we treated ourselves to the traditional autumn Swiss Feast: Chasse at the Refuge de Solalex. I have mentioned chasse on this blog before, but this was perfection. All the game (cerf, chevreuil, lievre) was local, cooked perfectly and accompanied by the tastiest carmelized marons, tender baby brussel sprouts, pears poached in red wine and followed by a digestif of chilled abricotine. I think the Swiss have figured out a few things in the last couple of millennia, despite the lack of pumpkin pie.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

L'Image du Jour

Since fawning over 'mon petit chaton' has been approved, I present you with a little bit o' Roscoe:

K...I'll stop now.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Track Back

This is for one of my favorite bloggers, idleprimate, an ape with more sense than most and the wherewithall to show us.(reallly, go check out his blog).
For Ape, because 1000 years is just the blink of an eye.

Friday, October 01, 2010

L'Image du Jour

I was out shopping in Lausanne yesterday and messing around with the new Pentax.This is the clock on St. Francoise Cathedral. It was either this or many, many pictures of Roscoe.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Birthday Bonanza

I haven't been much of a webmonkey lately, sometimes real life takes precedence, consequently my comments on other blogs have devolved into the cyber version of the "hi...howyadoingniceseeingyou" grunt in passing, and for that, I apologize, you people deserve better. Even the Image du Jour has fallen by the wayside...I know, it's pathetic. But I have excuses (lots and lots of excuses). For starters there's this guy:

Roscoe is a going concern, wanting to go outside like the big kitties, coming up on the 4 month mark and feeling 'his oats' these days, so much so that his current nickname is 'Nads Lebowski/Roscoe Testiclees'. He does get to be outside without the dreaded 'baby harness' tied to a long rope now, and he will come when he's called (in typical cat fashion, ie. when it suits him). He is a constant source of amusement, distraction and pure joy (yes, yes, I know that the same thing can be said about the interwebs).

It's also been the latter half of the month of September, and in this household that means BIRTHDAYS GALORE!!! On September 22, it was not only the equinox and a fantastic full harvest moon, but also The Max's 18th birthday (my in the world did this happen?):

(the shaved head thing?? I have no idea)

A beautiful fall day (much like the day he was born) segued into an evening of champagne and present opening:

And then onto Max's favorite meal: fondue...mmmmmmm fondue:

Three days later it was my birthday...and yes, I am officially an an antique now. Quick! Trot me on over to the Antiques Roadshow and see what I'm worth! So another evening of champagne, presents and MY favorite meal (schnitzel) ensued.

Also, The Big G spoiled me silly with this gift:

Squeeeee! I fear the Image du Jour may digress into pictures of my kittehs and Swissitudes, but I will try to restrain myself.

Because two bottles of champagne on Saturday wasn't enough, Sunday was The Big G's b-day. T'was another beautiful autumn day so we walked over to St. Barthelmy (the next village over) and put the Pentax through it's paces:

There were presents to be opened, and, of course, more champagne and then The Big G's favorite meal, steak & pomme de terre (that's my guy!):

Well fed, well fêted, we are. I must admit though, I think I've developed a taste for champagne in the evening...anyone having a birthday soon?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

L'Image du Jour

Science is still pretty!
Grains of pollen come in all shapes and sizes. The large object in the centre of this image is pumpkin pollen; the tiny speck just below and to the right of it is forget-me-not pollen.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Ikea Cats
Yeah, so Assbook and Twatter are fouling up the interwebs with banality, but there can never be too many kittehs! Here's a brand new ad for Ikea.

Ikea Happy Inside Cats
- Watch more Videos at Vodpod.

Via imjustcreative
Press Leak
Too Much Information Age

Here's a great piece that pretty much sums up how I feel about 'social networking', Assbook and the overwhelming vapidity of what's happening on the interwebs these days.

Orwell That Ends Well

by Randall Amster

In just the past week, a friend lost his cellphone, and another was robbed. One fell asleep in the bathtub, and another visited her old elementary school. A number had interesting fare for dinner. Some liked the weather, others lamented it. One notable presence in particular diligently posted her whereabouts at all times. Pretty typical stuff actually, and almost none of it interesting in the least.

This isn't the Information Age - it's the Too Much Information Age. Everyone is posting their diaries, dalliances, likes, and longings because they have an audience of "friends" who border on being voyeurs. Disconcertingly, there's no compulsion to participate in this apart from peer pressure, which is apparently a powerful motivator even well beyond one's high school years.

And this is precisely the genius of the Self-Surveilling Society in which we find ourselves: it taps into the psychology of our teen years (to know and be known) and exports it to the world writ large. In this lexicon, your friends become (as in high school) your style-setters, sounding boards, commiserators, gossip sources, reality checkers, and existential validators. If you do something and don't share it, did it really happen?

Read the rest of " Orwell That Ends Well" here.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Short Cuts

This is funny and heartbreaking at the same time. Remember your three R's people...reuse,renew,and recycle!

Friday, August 20, 2010

L'Image du Jour

I think I'm becoming a little bit Swiss...
via thingsorganizedneatly

Thursday, July 29, 2010

L'Image du Jour

Guess what I got today! This lil guy (as yet unnamed but currently being referred to as 'the lil dude'). All together now...Awwwwwwwwww!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

L'Image du Jour

Science is pretty! This image is one of a series of particle track images from the collider at CERN.
"Bubble chamber particle tracks. Coloured image showing a collection of tracks left by subatomic particles in a bubble chamber. A bubble chamber is a container filled with liquid hydrogen which is superheated – momentarily raised above its normal boiling point by a sudden drop in pressure in the container. Any charged particle passing through the liquid in this state leaves behind a trail of tiny bubbles as the liquid boils in its wake. These bubbles are seen as fine tracks, showing the characteristic paths of different types of particle. The paths are curved due to an intense applied magnetic field. The tightly-wound spiral tracks are due to electrons and positrons."
Via My Milk Glass Heart.

Monday, July 12, 2010

L'Image du Jour

via blackeiffel