Monday, September 27, 2010

Birthday Bonanza

I haven't been much of a webmonkey lately, sometimes real life takes precedence, consequently my comments on other blogs have devolved into the cyber version of the "hi...howyadoingniceseeingyou" grunt in passing, and for that, I apologize, you people deserve better. Even the Image du Jour has fallen by the wayside...I know, it's pathetic. But I have excuses (lots and lots of excuses). For starters there's this guy:

Roscoe is a going concern, wanting to go outside like the big kitties, coming up on the 4 month mark and feeling 'his oats' these days, so much so that his current nickname is 'Nads Lebowski/Roscoe Testiclees'. He does get to be outside without the dreaded 'baby harness' tied to a long rope now, and he will come when he's called (in typical cat fashion, ie. when it suits him). He is a constant source of amusement, distraction and pure joy (yes, yes, I know that the same thing can be said about the interwebs).

It's also been the latter half of the month of September, and in this household that means BIRTHDAYS GALORE!!! On September 22, it was not only the equinox and a fantastic full harvest moon, but also The Max's 18th birthday (my in the world did this happen?):

(the shaved head thing?? I have no idea)

A beautiful fall day (much like the day he was born) segued into an evening of champagne and present opening:

And then onto Max's favorite meal: fondue...mmmmmmm fondue:

Three days later it was my birthday...and yes, I am officially an an antique now. Quick! Trot me on over to the Antiques Roadshow and see what I'm worth! So another evening of champagne, presents and MY favorite meal (schnitzel) ensued.

Also, The Big G spoiled me silly with this gift:

Squeeeee! I fear the Image du Jour may digress into pictures of my kittehs and Swissitudes, but I will try to restrain myself.

Because two bottles of champagne on Saturday wasn't enough, Sunday was The Big G's b-day. T'was another beautiful autumn day so we walked over to St. Barthelmy (the next village over) and put the Pentax through it's paces:

There were presents to be opened, and, of course, more champagne and then The Big G's favorite meal, steak & pomme de terre (that's my guy!):

Well fed, well fĂȘted, we are. I must admit though, I think I've developed a taste for champagne in the evening...anyone having a birthday soon?


Danica-Dragonfly said...

A TRIPLE A-Bee-Birdie to you and yours ... Wow, nothing like getting it all done in one shot!

Roscoe is a purrrfect "Roscoe" he looks so much like mine did.

Totally envious of the Pentax ... awe.som!

The Real Me said...

With your mention of all the champagne I'm surprised all the photos are so beautiful...and straight! That is one helluva camera!

Hope you had a great birthday!

Amethyst Anne said...

Oh Happiest of days, birthdays galore!! Your pictures are gorgeous brite, can't wait to see more.

idleprimate said...

I like that the pic of quaint patio flowers has a strange petrified zombie clawing its way up out of the cement

Spender said...

Celebrations done well and nice photographs to boot. Welcome back and Happy Birthday(s)!

kathryn said...

WOW! Happy Belated Birthday to you, your son and hubby! No wonder your family gets along so're all drinking and celebrating and giving each other presents!

Love the photos...looks like you got a great gift.