Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Break Free

So it seems despite the Olympics and all that festivity, the February fuckwithyourhead furies are still messing with many people out in the big old bloggosphere...so I think it's time for us to follow Freddy's suit and let loose with some silly. This is for all of you out there fighting off the blahs, the grumps,the wtf?, and especially for one delicate and beautiful little dragonfly...


Thursday, February 18, 2010

LOLCat of the Month


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Basel Bild

So I promised some pictures of last week in Basel...it's always cold when I go to Basel, I think I need to go there in the summertime,I'm sure it's lovely with the trees all green and no slush or ice on the streets and no bise blowing.Then again, it's a truly lovely city in any weather...


And apparently lovely any time as well. Oh wait...you wanted Basel Foto not just Basel Bild...heh heh.

Here's the Rathaus or town hall just as the morning market out front was closing:

And a close up of the clock, because the Swiss have a bit of a thing about clocks (and watches and automatons and cows and....)

But I think my favorite place in Basel is in the Bahnhof, one of those early 20th century architectural odes to the mighty railway:

and housed within it's high ceilings is the infinitely entertaining, always tasty and without a doubt, odd, Bahnhof Bar.


Here one can quietly sip on a glass of wine or have a tasty and refreshing beer and people watch, 
marvel at some of the HUGE painting adorning its walls or just try to figure out what is happening in this picture? Artwork? Electrician's nightmare?

There are cats, eyeballs, blinking lights...EYEBALLS!!

Also to be had in the train station proper is the concoction known as the Asian poulet schnitzel sandwich, found only at the Migros stand and not to be missed!So after a lovely couple of days we said goodbye to wintry Basel and headed up to the flat in Gryon for the weekend where this was the view when I got up Saturday morning: 

Yeah, I love this country!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Canadian, eh?

So all my favorite bloggy friends have been posting about the Olympics and how good it feels to be Canadian, and I just had to jump on the bandwagon and put in my two cents. This is despite the fact that I missed the opening ceremonies and probably won't get to watch many events (cuz I'm really really bad at watching TV) I'm still pumped and hope we get a few medals and whup everybody's ass at hockey. I commented about how 'Oh Canada' can get me all teary and sentimental, but I have always thought that this song should be our national anthem:

'Tracing one warm line, through a land so wild and savage...'
This song is what Canada is about...there would be no Canada if some crazy guys 500 years ago hadn't wanted to find a shortcut to Asia (um and fur...there was some kind of demand for fur too, fuck you PETA).I think the spirit of those intrepid explorers, from Henry Hudson to David Thompson is embedded into each and every Canadian, it's in the air we breath and the landscape we cast our eyes upon. 
So Go Canucks!!!


Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Off to Basel with the Big G for a couple of nights...filet de perche, cordon bleu, tasty Asian scnitzel sammiches and the world's most interesting train station bar. I'll try to take some pictures too!

Monday, February 08, 2010

Thanks to the Vintage Ad Browser I have whittled away most of the morning and will now take you on a wonderful journey through time and space (no no no, this is not the Twilight Zone..or the Outer Limits). You will see many amazing sights and sites, bask in the sunshine of foreign locales, soak up exotic culture and travel via the finest and most luxurious trains, ships and cars available. 

* I've added a new feature so that each of the pictures will open up zoomed in a lightbox format if you want a closer look.

Planning Your Itinerary:

America!!! For only a dollar??!! Yes let's go!      
Canada too...because there's The Rockies and...

giant natives and ....ALASKA! (who knew?)

How To Get There: 

Fly or sail?

Not so sure about the Titanic...let's book a stateroom on the Olympic, k? 
All Aboard Kiddies!

In America we will be visiting some of the most famous places....

....and meeting fascinating new people!

Could this be any more exciting? Stay tuned for future travelogues...

All photos courtesy of the Vintage Ad Browser

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Groundhog Day

I could blog about how teenagers never fail to amaze me in their ability to commit acts of extreme stupidity...

I could rant about how the state of parnoia currently infecting the citizens of certain nations has passed from interesting through funny to downright absurd, but I would need admin to help me devise new and wonderful expletives to use....

I could tell you a story that involves Facebook, an unnamed international school and the above elements that would have you shaking your head and wondering how the world has come to this....but again I would need admin's help and I'm ready to put the last week and all of its stupidity behind me.

So instead, I give you this:

*So that you won't have to go to all the trouble to sign in at youtube, I've posted the link from 24 heures ( a Swiss newspaper that isn't afraid of sex, sexuality or poking fun at such things) scroll down to the embedded video.