Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Groundhog Day

I could blog about how teenagers never fail to amaze me in their ability to commit acts of extreme stupidity...

I could rant about how the state of parnoia currently infecting the citizens of certain nations has passed from interesting through funny to downright absurd, but I would need admin to help me devise new and wonderful expletives to use....

I could tell you a story that involves Facebook, an unnamed international school and the above elements that would have you shaking your head and wondering how the world has come to this....but again I would need admin's help and I'm ready to put the last week and all of its stupidity behind me.

So instead, I give you this:

*So that you won't have to go to all the trouble to sign in at youtube, I've posted the link from 24 heures ( a Swiss newspaper that isn't afraid of sex, sexuality or poking fun at such things) scroll down to the embedded video.



Spot said...

OMG! That was freakin hilarious. I actually felt sorry for the poor lonely penis...


PS- oh and teenage stupidity?? I've got a houseful of it!

Amethyst Anne said...

I have watched the asshattery of Facebook and teenagers with our Niece and Nephew- gack!

You could have warned me that I would spew coffee out my nose by watching that video!! That is fabulous!
Here's to a better week!