Monday, February 08, 2010

Thanks to the Vintage Ad Browser I have whittled away most of the morning and will now take you on a wonderful journey through time and space (no no no, this is not the Twilight Zone..or the Outer Limits). You will see many amazing sights and sites, bask in the sunshine of foreign locales, soak up exotic culture and travel via the finest and most luxurious trains, ships and cars available. 

* I've added a new feature so that each of the pictures will open up zoomed in a lightbox format if you want a closer look.

Planning Your Itinerary:

America!!! For only a dollar??!! Yes let's go!      
Canada too...because there's The Rockies and...

giant natives and ....ALASKA! (who knew?)

How To Get There: 

Fly or sail?

Not so sure about the Titanic...let's book a stateroom on the Olympic, k? 
All Aboard Kiddies!

In America we will be visiting some of the most famous places....

....and meeting fascinating new people!

Could this be any more exciting? Stay tuned for future travelogues...

All photos courtesy of the Vintage Ad Browser

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Lainey said...

Those are so cool! I don't know where Coffeeland is, but I want to go there!