Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Basel Bild

So I promised some pictures of last week in Basel...it's always cold when I go to Basel, I think I need to go there in the summertime,I'm sure it's lovely with the trees all green and no slush or ice on the streets and no bise blowing.Then again, it's a truly lovely city in any weather...


And apparently lovely any time as well. Oh wait...you wanted Basel Foto not just Basel Bild...heh heh.

Here's the Rathaus or town hall just as the morning market out front was closing:

And a close up of the clock, because the Swiss have a bit of a thing about clocks (and watches and automatons and cows and....)

But I think my favorite place in Basel is in the Bahnhof, one of those early 20th century architectural odes to the mighty railway:

and housed within it's high ceilings is the infinitely entertaining, always tasty and without a doubt, odd, Bahnhof Bar.


Here one can quietly sip on a glass of wine or have a tasty and refreshing beer and people watch, 
marvel at some of the HUGE painting adorning its walls or just try to figure out what is happening in this picture? Artwork? Electrician's nightmare?

There are cats, eyeballs, blinking lights...EYEBALLS!!

Also to be had in the train station proper is the concoction known as the Asian poulet schnitzel sandwich, found only at the Migros stand and not to be missed!So after a lovely couple of days we said goodbye to wintry Basel and headed up to the flat in Gryon for the weekend where this was the view when I got up Saturday morning: 

Yeah, I love this country!


Danica-Dragonfly said...

Holy Gawd in heaven, Brite! That is truly beautiful.


Spot said...

That is beautiful! I want to visit there now!!


Kathryn said...

OHMYGAWD!! That scene on Saturday morning is absolutely breathtaking!!

And what IS going on with that artwork in the bar? Very, very strange....

Love the Swiss clock....