Monday, December 20, 2010

Press Leak

Best Headline of 2010 (or possibly ever):

'Female squirrels never turn down sex'

Seriously, this is on the CBC News website today!

Also, my apologies for being absent for the last while, this song pretty much sums it up for me:


Danica-Dragonfly said...

I've been missing you, lady. I figured like most of us you were simply immersed(to your eyelids) in Christmas prep and general craziness that accompanies this time of year ... so happy to see you in here today, though.

Happy Holidays!

Amethyst Anne said...

Hello Brite!! Good to see you too, been missing you.
Best of the holidays to you, The big G and the Max!!
Oh and the kitties too!!
Happy holidays to all of you.

idleprimate said...

are there mystic runes on the cross beam of that press? nice image.

happy holidays brite, i'd started to give up checking in on your page. glad you are back, even if only for holiday downtime