Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Exile In the UK
It's on now! I procrastinated buying tickets and so won't get to see the films  I really wanted to, but the glory of film festivals is that you usually end up seeing great films that weren't your first picks.
Starting tomorrow:
From Time to Time
Cold Souls
The Limits of Control
The Last Days of Emma Blank 
There are soooooo many films that I was too late (or slow) to buy tickets for, like The Road, A Serious Man or Up In The Air,but these big movies will make it to local theaters and eventually onto dvd.I may have to stand in a queue to catch the short and animated short compiliations (which were sold out in a blink) because to me the short films are often the most compelling and rarely seen.
Just in case you're expecting reviews or something, unless the wonderlords over at Pajiba express an interest in the droolings and ramblings from this knobbly corner of the interwebs, or a film simply knocks me so far off my block that I have to rant about it, I won't be posting any. As if I don't have enough angst already just thinking about writing reviews for the upcoming Cannonball Read.

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Anonymous said...

still, a mini-review or a heads-up *would be* in order if you saw something that you'd recommend.

esp. if it contained, i don't know, just off the top of my head, naked rugby players. those are always highly in demand.