Wednesday, December 09, 2009

  Blue Monster
So I've been in a bit of blue funk of late. It might have something to do with the fact that it's pitch dark by 4 pm here in London (I'm beginning to think that London is actually further north than Edmonton latitudinally), that is, if the sun even makes an appearance from behind the clouds. Or it might be the impending season of jollity, joy, shopping and Santa that has me feeling like I should just stay in bed with the covers over my head. Not that I've been doing that. *ahem* The Cannonball Read II ? Oh, I've been reading up a storm, but since I don't have the gumption to fill out even a passport application these days, a review is, quite simply, beyond me.

In fact, I've been into 'that London' a few times in the last week or so.A friend of a friend came over for a week long visit and we met up, trudged around in the rain, went out to eat at the fabulously strange Hungarian restaurant in Soho and....went to see Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam!! It was sublime, he played so many of his old tunes (and some new ones, of course) and the Royal Albert Hall is most likely the most perfect concert venue in the world.

I'm getting some of my Xmas shopping done, little by little, although I will have to start sending it back with the Big G on Sunday nights now so that the presents will be under the tree in Switzerland.Last weekend I finally got CS4 and now I can start rebranding the Big G (minds out of the gutter y'all), although it's been a couple of years since I've done any serious graphic/design work and I'm predictably rusty. So what with that and the ongoing effort to improve my French I should be able to hand that blue monster a can of whuppass and cheer the fuck up.

Or I could just go back to bed....

He didn't play this last night, so I thought I'd track it down.


Eyvi Sprite said...

I was here earlier but my comment didn't take. Hmmm.

Anyhoo, I had told you to get outta my head because we seem to be emotional twins today.

Also, I mentioned I loved the brain fart. Although, I find the word 'fart' makes me uncomfortable to say so I usually say 'brain cramp'. But thats probably more than you needed to know.

Aaaaand, I also apologized for not coming around very often because I am a horrible blogger friend and procrastinator. So, today is the day I see your comment in another post and I have to say sorry because I am a horrible blogger friend. I hope your pity party wasn't too sad and Deist didn't make too much of a mess.

Cross your fingers.....

Danica-Dragonfly said...

Oh Brite ... I kinda thought maybe you were feeling a little blue.

Stands to reason, given the situation, the proximity to the holidays and the fact that London is a pretty dreary place. My hubs does technical support to several businesses in the UK - mostly in your neck of the woods and he has been hearing how utterly dreadful the weather is.

I am officially J-E-A-L-O-U-S as HELL!! Cat Stevens is one of my all time favs! His music is like ... well ... it has the same effect on me as a potent glass of wine or brandy. It courses through my veins in hot tingly fingers. To see him live would be divine.

I sincerely hope you break out of your funk. This time of year is like a mixed bag of candy and glass shards.


brite said...

Eyvi daahhhhlink...
I think 'the blues' are making the rounds these days, I read a lot of blogs and a lot of people are feeling the gamut of the blues, from a bit cranky to the abyss of depression.We'll cheer up!
My mom could never say the word 'fart' either, but her euphemism was too weird for me 'beep'.And you are a wonderful and excellent bloggy friend.

Dani, ma petite libellule,
I cannot describe how wonderful it was to see Cat/Yusuf in concert.He'd play two or three notes of a song and tears were spilling down my cheeks.After waiting nearly 35 years to see him, it was worth the wait!
Candy/glass shards *snort* couldn't have said it better!

Amethyst Anne said...

I second the Cat/Yusuf comment by Dani!! That must have been fabulous and I am jealous too.
I love your picture of the blue monster, I am considering adopting him as one of our new found Christmas decorations to remind us that we all seem to funk out once an awhile, and he at least made me smile..and sorry..what if its a she, and not a he...

Robert Kehl said...

you may have to excuse me, but I have stolen your blue monster. i thought it suited well my mood. i have a sister that swears by tanning beds for saving folks like us, but i do not have the same faith. for one, i cannot tan, and therefor cant get into those beds--have you seen my red skin??

anyway, i wanted to drop you a note.


I am on my way down myself. i have an experiment this year, to try and save myself from winter depression--a mix of "sun", vitamins and good rivalry between my cyber friends. so far, it is not working. not at all!!

so, i wish to offer you all my remaining cheer. please keep writing so i have someone that i feel i interact with, if only in this weird blog way.