Friday, June 04, 2010


So, I have yet another cold...and I know I'm repeating myself, but I really don't do sick very well. The last cold/cough/plague that I endured had me coughing so hard I know I herniated something, the pain from which lasted longer than the cold itself. Currently, my nose is a shiny, sore, red dripping mess and the virus has migrated to my bronchioles, which of course, leads to...coughing, hacking and me holding on to various abdominal areas (not to mention squeezing my legs shut) so I don't splat my entire body all over the place (or pee my pants, gawd menopause is fun).

Tuesday, before I was infected, we made plans to go up to Meiringen for the weekend, a beautiful spot in the Bern Oberland mountains most noted for the 'death' of Sherlock Holmes at the hand of Moriarty, when they both fell over the falls (Arthur Conan Doyle actually had to 'revive' Holmes after public outcry).So I'm hoping that by tomorrow my head will stop being a snot factory and I can go enjoy some altitude and fresh air.

The wonderful picture above is from a project called ...Gesundheit which "aims to be the biggest artistic study of sneezing to date" and has some wonderful shots.


Danica-Dragonfly said...

Oh, Dear Heart ... I do hope you are feeling better soon.

Snot factories are not nearly as enjoyable as other types of factories ... like chocolate for an example... mmmmmm ... chocolate.

- I think it must be soon feeding time here at Narci henge.

Fell better.


Amethyst Anne said...

Oh boo for being sick! Especially when you have a wonderful trip planned ( yet again insert massive jealousy.. I am a huge Sir Doyle fan). Here's hoping that you feel better, although the fresh air may do wonders for you too!

Xtreme said...

Sick = sucks. Hope you don't have to cancel your trip, that sounds like a blast.

idleprimate said...

hope when you say "don't do well with being sick" you mean needy(because most folk mean that).

When I am sick, i am like a wounded dog that crawls to the woods to die,while my last partner was a "nurse me tenderly and constantly" sick person. needless to say, our bliss was always very disrupted by our sick needs until we could separate listening to a partner from the golden rule. all we had to do was perform the opposite of our golden rule to make each other comfortable in times of illness.

i find most people fall under the "succor me" faction. and so most people offer succor. if you aren't one of those, hope you are in a deep dark place all your own, free to fever, sneeze, pee or whatever without interruption til you are back on your feet. that would be my world.

though I might just say suck it up if you were well enough to find that great pic. (but then, I am an a**hole)

kathryn said...

This photo is FABULOUS....and it definitely gets your attention.

I'm sorry you're sick (AGAIN) Sweetie...definitely not fun. We need to build up your resistance, so you stop picking up every Tom, Dick and Harry-germ that's hanging out on the doorknobs...

Hope you feel better soon and get to enjoy that fresh air!