Thursday, July 01, 2010

L'Image du Jour

I could play with this little applet all heaven! Head on over to Wordle and do your own site (or somebody else's).


idleprimate said...

Happy Canada Day m'dear! I'll toast one to you. Sadly, I am not foraying to far into festivities tonight, too many hours at work before and after said frolics.

But 133 years ago, a drunk, very distant relation to my clan(MacDonald) managed to scribble something down that vaguely differentiated us from the Brits.

We got a flag and anthem some generations later. hells, we even got some world recognition based on investment in our natural resources!

here's to you Canada, in all your subdued and modest glory! And here's to your subversive filmmakers, your trendsetting cartoonists, you renowned authors, and your, sigh, hockey players. and, aww, shucks, i'm in a good mood, here's to William Shatner

Amethyst Anne said...

I love this and now have spent waaaayyy too much time playing with this widget....