Friday, March 06, 2009

Swiss Bit

I noticed these 'passengers' in a parked car the other day.

What initially caught my eye was the fellow with the bright yellow torso and the large grin. He looked quite pleased to be on an outing.A closer examination revealed that all was not as cheery as it seemed.

The evil monkeys to the right were threatening to suffocate the poor creature with the velveteen heart pillow and what I thought was a happy grin was in fact a cry for help.It was obvious that this poor fellow had suffered severe abuse, subjected to the rack until his forearms were as long as his legs and it looked as if his ears had been removed to be sent off with the ransom note.And what of the other passengers (conspirators)?

The hounds of hell, with a toothless lion (possibly a former kidnappee now suffering from the Stockholm Syndrome) were ready to drag the poor yellow fellow onto the backseat and tear him to shreds.

On lookout was this shifty eyed character, who had already rendered the teeny tan bear immobile. Cool as a clam, the tilt of his hat and the thin lipped grin that let me know that nothing was going on here, move along.Kermit made a last ditch bid for attention, despite having lost his arms and his pupils.

I don't know how common toynapping is in Switzerland, but I will have to keep my eyes peeled from now on.

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