Saturday, March 21, 2009

Swiss Bit

It's Not Just Me....
Ok, maybe I contributed to this, but I refuse to take full blame:

Le fromage au top!
Les Suisses sont toujours plus friands de fromage. L'an dernier,
ils en ont englouti en moyenne 21,7 kilos chacun, soit 430 grammes
de plus qu'en 2007. Cette augmentation est surtout due aux fromage
importés, la consommation indigéne restant stable.La mozzarella
remporte la palme (2,4 kilos), suivie du Gruyére AOC (1,84)
et du Raclette suisse (1,32).

from 24 Heures Mars 21

Translation:Cheese on top! The Swiss are increasingly fond of cheese. Last year, they have swallowed an average of 21.7 kilos each, 430 grams more than in 2007. This increase is mainly due to imported cheese, the remaining indigenous consumption stable.La mozzarella wins the palm (2.4 kg), followed by Gruyére AOC (1.84) and the Swiss Raclette (1.32).

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