Thursday, May 07, 2009

3 Day Shred I haven't blogged for more than a month, I guess once I reached my 100th post it was some kind of pinnacle...NOT. At any rate the last month has been spent discovering what it will feel like when I'm in my 70's and can't climb stairs, crouch or walk properly anymore. What could be the cause of this illuminating glimpse into my future? Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred.Yah yah, I'd read all about how tough this workout was and how everyone who did it was sore to the point of tears after the first few days, but after stealing level 1 from Youtube, I thought I could handle it...and I was sore the first day.Sore, but in a good way sore. By day 3, my knees ached when I woke up in the mornings, after 7 hours of NO WEIGHT being on them.WTF??? After a modified workout on day 4, it was apparent that I had severely DAMAGED my knees...jumping jacks are NOT good for those of us with older skeletons, despite Ms. Michael's repeated admonitions that she gets 400 lb women to do them, so I can do it too! She promised shredding in 30 days and I have to admit that there is some truth in advertising, because I managed to SHRED MY KNEES in less than 3.
My next post will wax poetic on the wonders of Tiger Balm and Ibuprofen.

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