Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dreamy and Scattered
I'm a little overwhelmed these past few days. After so many months of regulated solitude, I'm finding life awfully busy these days.There's the 'getting the house' back in order to contend with and I manage to get a room a day done.This is not to say that Big G and The Max were utter slobs, in fact they did a very admirable job keeping house while maintaining an insane schedule of work, school, and travel.But there's stuff that needs to be done and done kinda the way I like it...because I'm picky that way.

Settling back into Swiss lifestyle hasn't been too difficult (I gained another kilo..grrrr) but there are adjustments that I have to think about; my mangled, strangled not even close to adequate French, driving (I didn't drive the whole time I was in exile), quiet Sundays where everything is closed, so you have to plan ahead for Sunday.

Then there's The Max...and school...and I alternate between hope and despair, as does Max on semi daily basis. Last spring he set the bar very very high for himself and insisted on taking the IB Diploma program, against the advice of most of the faculty at his school. At the time, I had thought it would turn out ok, because he's very bright, but lacks 'student skills' and it was my intent to work with him on those skills (how to write a proper paper, how to organize workload, etc). And then I was in exile...and Max had to contend with an insane commute as well as the demanding IB program. And he's not doing well, not academically, not emotionally and he's stressed. 

The ongoing visa application, new passport, wtf is up with schengen issue...yep, still hammering away at the bureaucratic brick wall and I'm not only crap at that kind of thing (because I have no patience) but it makes me both fearful and weary at the same time.

Oh...and Big G and I are flying to Manitoba on Saturday to get married! So I'm excited and worried (because there's bureaucrats involved and what if they don't let me back into Switz and OMG) and feeling all blissed out and frantic at the same time. The kittehs will be on their own for 4 days, The Max will go stay with a friend up in Bern (so he doesn't have to get up at 4 am to get on a number of trains to get to school) and I'm leaving the house again and I just got back and I don't want to go but I really really really want to get married and....
So you see how it is.

The wonderful Spot gave me an award the other day (yesterday??) and I'm not sure if I properly thanked her (um...Thank you Spot!) and I haven't had the available brain cells to do the 'award post'... yet.I haven't commented much lately, but I am reading all my favorite bloggy bloggers.So, it's me folks, not you and I promise I will return to better form shortly...just have to catch my breath a bit.
Must go pack now...


Amethyst Anne said...

* does her little happy dance*
A wedding, a wedding!! I loves me some Manitoban weddings. We will be thinking about you on Saturday and sending you the bestest wishes!!
And no worries- they'll let you back home cause we said so!!!
Roll with the bliss!

Anonymous said...

WOW Brite, finally. Our hearts go with you and they better let you back in, as Iggy and I are coming to Italy within the year and will want to get in touch. You go girl.
P.S. ( Frantically trying to learn some passable Italian )

Your old pal Deekie

Danica-Dragonfly said...

Oh sweetie - my heartfelt congrats to you and Big G.

Let this be the beginning of some semblance of "norm" (Brite style, that is).

My love to you and yours. It will work itself out.

Spot said...

I'm pretty sure you already thanked me but you're welcome! Congrats on the wedding! Yay! And there better be pics involved! As for the other stuff~ relax and breather. The Max will be better now bc he has his mama.


Xtreme said...

Man o man o man, I hope the trip back is good!!!