Friday, January 08, 2010

You Like Me...You Really, Really Like Me! (or at least some of you do)

So one of my favorite bloggers has bequeathed a couple of honours on me, because apparently reading my ramblings actually makes her smile sometimes.The fact that I can bring a smile to anyone's face at any given time makes me happyinthepants  kind of happy and to get some pinky hued bling to throw up on here is just icing on the cake.Apparently there are some rules/regulations/conventions to follow once you have received such honours and if you know anything about me, you know that rules and me are a bit of a bad mix.But I will attempt to be a good bloggy scout and play along.

This is the Happy Torch Award.To keep it lit one should:
a) List 10 things that make you happy
b)Tag 10 bloggers that brighten your day
c)The 10 bloggers who receive this award are supposed to link back to this blog and create their own version of this.*(I just know this part is not going to work for me, but whatever) 
This is the Lemonade Stand Award.To keep it lit one should:
a) Put the logo on or within your blog

b)Nominate at least 10 blogs with great attitude or gratitude.
c)Let the nominees know they have received this award by commenting on their blog. *(There was a whole bunch more to this but I'm starting to get cold sweats and a headache from all these rules)
Yaaay! Now for the fun part. Ten Things That Make Me Happy!

1.First place goes to da boys, Big G and The Max, whose presence in my life is not only a blessing beyond measure, but they do actually make me smile and laugh a lot.

2.My painted Swiss cow. I'm not one for being attached to 'things', but this 'objet' brings me such pleasure.One day I will blog about it (and other of its kind) at length.

3. Fresh cut flowers.It's an indulgent extravagance, but I love having fresh flowers in the house.

4. Kittehs. My kittehs in particular, and this lovely guy, Dante is most special to me, but really in a pinch, any kitteh will make me smile.

5.Grappa. I don't know if it's wise or politically correct to admit that liquor makes me happy, but feck it...Grappa makes me smile. 

6. The interwebs! Oh yes, you lovely, distracting, enriching, timewasting web of people, blogs, images ,funneh stuff and information, you make me verra verra happy every day!

7.Expensive, freshly laundered and ironed sheets on my bed.

8.My wonderful warm and cosy coyote trimmed slippers from Churchill, Manitoba.

9.Candlelight. We have candles lit on and around the table every evening meal. 

10. The Beatles. Can't help but feel giddy and happy when I hear the 4 moptops, and this song is a great example.

Now a list of 10 blogs that I do truly admire:
Bluepaintred - another Canuckian mommy blog who's life is as funny as any mom of three boys could be and writes about it.
Loveallthis - a design blog of sorts. This woman posts pictures of the most beautiful things. 
idleprimate - a fellow Pajiiban commentor and a very eloquent and thoughtful fellow in his own right. 
teabelly - another find through the Cannonball Read II, but with a Brit twist.
alternate1985- can't remember where or how I stumbled on this site, but 'shortround' is one of those caustic New Yorkers that always has an open eye.
blackheathbugle - I found so much to love and use with this blog while I was in Blackheath, and now it's like checking in on an old friend.
blaster- this is the great doc spender's blog, and I wish he'd write more often. - For shits and giggles...the best of the worst of real estate listings.
learnsomethingeveryday - Because the web shouldn't be an utter waste of time. 
27bslash6 - David Thorne is an Australian misanthrope that is either a writer of great brilliance and imagination or the most irritating asshole you might ever cross paths with.

*Most of the above blogs do not 'follow' me, nor do I suspect they even know of my existence, so I exempt myself from passing on the torches to all but Spender and idleprimate...suck it up guys!


Danica-Dragonfly said...

Job well done, sweetness ... and liquor makes me happy too ... whatevs...


heh heh - the word verification is "coldin"

Das funny.

Xtreme said...

Funny, Dani stole my comment!

And the interwebs is pretty cool too, it's really all that keeps the bloggy types together...

Spot said...

I love your painted cow!! And okay, so liquor makes me happy too.


Amethyst Anne said...

Liquor makes me happy too, and I am loving your slippers! I wore out my slippers from Churchill a while back and miss them terribly. I'm thinking you are a Swiss -Manitoban. Oh and the Beatles made me smile- Thanks!

Robert Kehl said...

there's really nothing like fresh sheets!

thinking of ten things that make pne happy is an excellent exercise in the winter!

thanks for the nod too

Spot said...

Hey Chica! You have an award at my blog to pick up too!


Anonymous said...

Love the ten things that make you happy. Congrats on your award!