Saturday, May 08, 2010

L'Image Du Jour

I've been pondering adding this feature to 'But I Digress...' for sometime now. I spend most of my interwebs time surfing through images these days; design oriented blogs, typeface and font enthusiasts, architecture,vintage posters and collections and simply stunning or awe inducing imagery. Beats wasting time on Farmville (for me at least, no offense to any avid Farmville/Assbook fans out there) and rather than start a whole new blog, I thought adding this feature would, at the very least, get me posting on a daily basis here.
Somedays I will just post an image, somedays if I'm waxing philosophical I might make a comment or two. Je commence...

(via loveallthis)


Danica-Dragonfly said...

:) Okay... I won't

BTW - my word for this is magaryfu ... I don't know why I find that so amusing, but I do.

Amethyst Anne said...

I need this on my fridge for a daily mantra!