Sunday, May 30, 2010

Montée des Alpage

So I was all excited this weekend, we were going up to Gryon and I was finally going to see the Montée des Alpage, where les vaches get all shampooed and dressed up with spring fleurs in their horns and get taken up to the alps, accompanied by traditionally dressed Swiss farmers, terrible brass bands and alphorns. (for your edification, the alps are actually mountain meadows, as opposed to the Alps, which are a mountain range). I was looking forward to posting pictures that looked like this:

But, alas, the cows had made the journey two weeks ago and so now I can only offer you these pictures of The Max, following a SPECTACULAR fall into a mudpuddle on our 2 hour hike around Tavayannes and Les Alp Des Chaux. Please note, for your security and safety, do not hike in running shoes and never threaten your mother with a snowball or instant karma will bite you in the ass. Enjoy!

"Way to go! Now you have to try and wash your pants in the snow!"

Butt cleaning...

Well that's kinda presentable...


Danica-Dragonfly said...

I would have thought The Max would have been well versed in the karma vs ass concept.

I'm certain this is not the first time he has threatened you with a snowball while walking in the alps (not Alps) wearing running shoes... proverbially speaking, that is.

Hee hee ... very cute pics. They capture the moment well.

brite said...

"I would have thought The Max would have been well versed in the karma vs ass concept."
Uhm...yeah me too. but sometimes they're learners, I guess.

Amethyst Anne said...

Heee... never mess with Mom... I see that I have many years ahead of me to get this little important note embedded in cub's brain.
I love the pictures!!
And The Max is absolutely gorgeous young man- you must be beating the girls off with a stick? Well once they over look the running shoes of course..hee