Thursday, November 26, 2009

Assfuckery & an Apology

Just a quick heads up to most of the blogs and the wonderful bloggers I follow, some of you use Blogger style that have the comments embedded instead of a pop-up window. This is not a bad thing, your pages look nice and read smooth. But the assfuckery that is html and browser compliance and all kinds of geek talk you don't want me to ramble on about has me losing my mind some days.There is never a day when I can post a comment using Firefox (my favorite browser ever), some days (but not today) I can post comments using Safari and some days (like today) I can't post any comments on all your wonderfulness at all. Which makes me frustrated and angry and growly...grrrrrrrrrrr.
So, just so you know I'm reading you and thinking about you and  desperately want to comment, you'll have to make do with these:

The Lunch Hour: Happy Anniversary you two! And you know, it's the little shit that counts. I love that he washed the sheets...there's so much lovin', lustin' and all round sweetness in that one act of goodness.

Xtremely Ragey: Tall you say? Like how tall? I'm the shortest one in my family at 5'10".You don't scare me ya ole busted up, cement head nerd. I know you're a teddy bear and do all kinds of sweet things for your loved ones. 

Everyone is Entitled to my Opinion: Me and Deist had a pity party and you weren't invited! So there! Seriously, you are awesome and your awardees are equally full of awesome bloggy goodness!

Now so long as GP and Spender don't post some do-not-miss-blog-must-read today, perhaps the wicked goblins that reside in my browsers will go back to sleep so I can comment again tomorrow.


Danica Dragonfly said...

I feel all special since I got a comment :)

I use firefox both at home and at work and it is my fav too ... I don't have these issues of which you speak. The universe seems perversely open to my inane rantings ...

Danica Dragonfly said...

PS - Big G has some nice eyes there :)

brite said...

I can always post on your blog Dani cuz you have a pop-up comment window thingy! And yeah that Big G...*sigh*

Xtreme said...

Aww, don't let me fool ya, I'm not that sweet every day!

As for tall, I'm 6'6", and my darling wife is the same height as you, so she gets to wear heels whenever she wants. And I hit my head. A lot.

Anonymous said...

i'm trying to use my blog mainly for the cannonball read, as i just don't have the gumption otherwise.

mostly i'm on facebook, and i promise if anything earth-shaking happens, you'll know about it. you're not out of the loop.

that said, i DO try at least 3 or 4 times a week to check everyone's blog, and i don't always get to rehearse something witty to say, but i love you all. surely, you know that already.

and your exile post BROKE MY HEART.

Amethyst Anne said...

brite...thanks! and sorry that you cannot post a comment. AA works for me btw.. And I seriously did gush that he washed the sheets!

brite said...

Xtreme It's a good that you've got that cement head thing going then!And wearing heels when you're a tall girl is like icing on cupcakes!

GP Oh so now the bloggosphere requires gumption now that you've discovered Assbook? Hmmmph is what I have to say to that.I want my gp bloggy blog! And no broken hearts on my account or I'll have to come over there and mend you.

AA Did you say you gushed all over the sheets? Oops sorry just my gutter mind getting carried away there.Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to comment,there's no rhyme or reason to this little browser imp.
But even if I can't comment, rest assured I'm out here reading all you good folk!

Robert Kehl said...

och, i wish i knew the slightest bit of how these things work. . .i can barely manage to get a post up, and if i try and edit it, usually a maelstrom breaks forth. foraging into comments is a whole 'nother order of business

and don't get me started about trying to access information on academic databases(yes, a completely different topic, but for me it is all computer witchery)

Robert Kehl said...

oh, p.s. i thoroughly enjoy anyone who is erudite, eloquent and literate, and who also employs word like assfuckery

brite said...

*blush* Who would think that a lady of my years would even know such a term? And yet...the assfuckery continues and I was unable to comment on your post today.

So, ferrets...yesss ferrets very very good, scrabbly, intelligent, snuggly ferrettitness!I really love ferrets, but have cats ferrets for me.

Be a good ape at ape school and I look forward to when you have time to release those inner creative animals!