Thursday, November 05, 2009

Knobbly Bits
The Big G lived in the UK for some years before moving to Switzerland and he has said, with some affection,"The Brits are a nation of eccentrics." I prefer to think of all those little quirks and tics as 'knobbly bits', much like the tactile paving that is used to facilitate the blind on almost every street corner (I might add that they make navigating in heels a challenge).
So during my exile sojourn here,whenever I run across something that is British in that peculiar way, I say 'knobbly bits' to myself (and invariably giggle out loud).The London Review of Books is a bimonthly publication with well written reviews, interesting editorials and completely 'knobbly' classified personal ads.For your consideration:

Okay. I can actually see some logic in this. But then there's this:

A bit knobbly, I'd say. But the KBOTD (knobbly bit of the day)Award goes to this submitter:


Very knobbly indeed.


Danica Dragonfly said...

Oh dear ... too funny :)

A very different culture indeed - we are so boring over here in Canada.

We are knobbly bitless

brite said...

Oh Dani *waves in your direction*
I'm not sure I agree that Canadians are boring, we're generally just too freakin' cold to do more than a tight lipped smile.Although I think you Maritimers might be a bit knobbly around the edges....

Anna von Beaverplatz said...

Hee! I would totally date Octopus Guy. I would totally study up on the octopuses, and I would totally call him out when he missed one. 'Cause you know he would.